Building a Profile of Dignity in Women and Men of African Descent in Honduras

Welcome to BIDO

BIDO is Dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the culture and heritage of the black English speaking people of Honduras founded to help Reduce violations of economic, social, political, cultural and state exclusion to the Afro-Honduran Communities and Population, advocacy, awareness, training and human rights.


BIDO Strategic Objectives

  • Quality education for our communities
  • Local capacity development (organize and create awareness
  • Advocacy and empowerment of communities and Afro-Honduran population
  • Institutional strengthening and efficiency

Strategic Challenge

Social Level

Continue to promote reduction processes in violation of economic, social, political and cultural rights; ensuring the effective participation of communities and Afro-Honduran people in all advocacy in order to solve their basic needs.

Financial Level

Plans and programs to promote productive character able to generate the necessary financial returns to ensure operational sustainability of the organization while supporting entrepreneurs processes in Afro-Honduran communities and populations.