About the Bay Islands International School

What We Believe:

We believe that the Bay Islands International School, formerly known as Sandy Bay Alternative School offers the best education on the island for both national and international children and one of the best in the country of Honduras. We are serious about providing an education experience that will prove most beneficial to the individual, and not one in which standardization is most important. We use proven teaching and learning models which emphasize individuality and creativity. This offers an education that will ultimately provide much more opportunity in life for the individual.

Vision Statement:
At BIIS we develop and maintain an environment where children are empowered and enabled to discover better ways of thinking and decision making.

Mission Statement:
We are in the business of offering high quality education to qualified individuals in all the communities on the island. At the present time candidate students do need to be able to speak rudimentary English. A program is being developed that will be useful to non English speaking individuals.

What do we do?
Currently we are engaged in a program offering a US based education experience using textbooks from the US, US curriculum standards, and teaching and learning standards from the US. We also offer a Honduran program as a part of our total curriculum.

How do we do it?
Using US based textbooks and curriculum standards we provide a classroom experience that is as good as or better than the average quality of education in the US.

For whom do we do this?
This high-quality education opportunity is available to qualified children on the island of Roatan

Core Values:
We are committed to providing a student-centered learning environment. We maintain high quality by using knowledgeable, committed, and well trained teachers, as well as a learning environment where personal values, creative individuality, and core academics are taught. We endeavor to promote each child's natural instinct to learn and develop as individuals.

Bay Islands Development Organization

The Bay Islands International School partners with the Bay Islands Development Organization, a NGO in Honduras. We are looking forward to a productive partnership with BIDO as we jointly pursue the goal of helping to implement high quality education opportunities on the island of Roatan.

  BIIS Teaching and Learning Philosophy:

Our work as teachers at the Bay Islands International School is not so much about how much information each student has absorbed at any given time but how often, and to what consistency, we have brought out the best in each individual.

If we have defined as our primary goal to bring out the best in each student, the learning will take place nearly automatically, and more will be achieved. Students thrive in an environment where inventiveness and creativity are encouraged, and students are empowered to innovate. The student-teacher relationship needs to be one of collaboration where the student, guided by the teacher discovers and develops their own instinct to learn. Of course, this goal is not attained without a process. What we most often think of as teaching is this process. But the real value to the learner is in the guiding and leading of the student so that each will respond to their own instinct to learn. This type of education becomes a joy for the learner. It also becomes a joy for the educator.

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