Teaching at Bay Islands International School

At Bay Islands International School we foster an environment of student-centered teaching and learning that promotes creative individuality in each student. We attempt, not to fill the student with information, but to show each person how the subject matter fits into their world of learning. This involves trusting the learner, which enables them to be courageous in their belief that they are capable individuals. Rote memorization and incessent repetition are not encouraged at the school. Rather a reasonable encouragement is channeled to the learner which creates an environment where students thrive and learn ever much more easily.

Successful teacher evaluation, performance planning, and professional development starts with a very positive, student-centric, helpful, and loving environment in which not only students can learn and grow, but teachers, and all of the staff as well. If we are successful in establishing a shared vision for the school that employs meaningful and positive interaction with the learners, then we will be well on the road to success in other detailed areas of our education. It is all about maximizing the opportunity for students and teachers.

Information for Prospective Teachers

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