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At Bay Islands International School:
We believe that every child, no matter their socioeconomic situation deserves access to a high-quality education. We believe that the level of quality of education at the Bay Islands International School is second to none. We also believe that every individual that has a better education makes better decisions. We go far beyond the norm to offer a high-quality education. Everyone, including teachers and staff, at the school believes in thinking more effectively, and that flows to the students as well.

The way that we think differently and offer a high-quality education is by offering courses that are aligned with US based curriculum and teaching standards. We use Common Core Standards as a framework for our lesson planning. We also cultivate a culture of loving kindness and encouragement throughout our school. Our certified teachers are on a rigorous teaching quality improvement plan through professional development throughout their tenure at the school, and we keep our student to teacher ratio at not more than fifteen to one. We also believe that students can learn to be better citizens, that they can learn to be better students, and they can learn to be happier people, thereby creating an environment in which they can be more successful as learners.

In the process of believing in ourselves and our students we teach grades PreK through 12. Starting with a full set of textbooks published to US standards, we plan our lessons with the student at the center.

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